Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Summer's here!

at LAST! summer seems to be here! how long it will last I don't know, dh is glumming about the place saying its all set to break this weekend! bah!
This weekend we are set to collect no.1.son from Uni!
Can you believe he's done his whole first year!?
Away from home! coping with everything - I think he's done terrifcally well! and matured/changed so much too for the experience!
Both our lads have now finished their respective exam commitments and apart from no.2son who still has to attend College in June for the "summer term" they are free from studying for a while and can relax ..

Bertie the cat is a little treasure and is never far from a comfy seat!
The minute no.2.son moved - he was onto it and claimed it for himself!
Lilly meanwhile rather sensibly keeps a low profile in the house - waiting for HER opportunity to sneak onto the furniture! she knows she's not allowed!

In the meantime, we've suddenly found not one but two ginger cats attempting to lay some claim on our garden for their own - so far Lilly has held her own (and Bertie has held onto his TAIL!) but you can see from above the body language says it all!

This particular ginger cat is the most intent on becoming part of the garden, he even comes up close to the patio doors!
but Bertie watches from on high atop the shed!

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