Sunday, 29 April 2012

New wardrobe for the summer. Yarn for Socks.

I wish I could say I've MADE a new wardrobe for the summer - but having done that twice now in the past I don't think I could stand the stress of it all again!
I'm sure I've blogged before the time when I decided to chuck out the ENTIRE contents of my wardrobe except for my then-working clothes some TWO WEEKS before going on holiday with a pledge to SEW EVERYTHING .. I did it.  just.  but I've never completely recovered from the experience and it still makes me feel dizzy and sick today just remembering the effect of the stress on my nervous system!!

ANYWAY. I'm not as "proud" either of my now-sized 14/16 new clothes as I was a couple of years ago when I last updated my wardrobe in 10/12 versions BUT I'm resolved to trying to lose at least a few lbs so as to look and feel a bit better.
I think that the medication I'm on has possibly played a part since "weight gain" is listed as the main side effect and I am as you know "sensitive" to meds and come out in all sorts of odd and obscure things some of which aren't even listed (but the Pharmacist attributes to the meds! - interesting, is how he described me - and complex is how the GP does and PLAIN NUISANCE the Hosp.Cons!).

Here we go:
I bought my clothes from Bhs as we have a staff discount card because dh works for the distribution site - also he had a staff bonus of extra 25% off in addition AND most of my choices were reduced in store as well - free! almost! practically?
I bought a new shower resistant 3/4 mac. (mind, looking at the weather which is again POURING down I think I needed a full wind/waterproof anorak!?)
I picked my "usual" black and then switched to this more tan shade. And I think I made the right colour choice.
Still not confident with colour I tend to stick to grey/navy/black BUT I am trying!
Trousers are my main staple garment mostly because of the swollen ankles I get I feel self conscious in a skirt these days and while it doesn't "matter" I do get fed up of fending off comments about them.
Mostly the comments come from the DR's! I'm now quite used to having my trouser bottoms lifted and a squeeze, poke and prod to my ankles including from some a peer up the leg to comment on the scar midway up .. I've got reasons to keep my legs under fabric!!
Four pairs ought to see me through.
I wish I could say I put the whole thing together! but I basically went to one corner of the shop and picked up what THEY had displayed together! still. why try putting own schemes together when the shop has done it for you? and at least they DO all complement each other? with minimal effort.

Three new tops and I have a couple of navy/taupe tees and tops and two ribbed jumpers that will match.
I'm pretty sure I've got yarn in stash that would? too? .. maybe I ought be better organised and start knitting?

I had a busy day - shopping for clothes (successful) and books for no.2.son son and YARN for me too! and then I met with knit-pal-Sally for a gossip and catch up over a pot of tea.

Finished off the day by mooching through the haby dept. and I couldn't resist picking up two balls of the LOVELY Regia Extra Twist Merino! in a lovely shade of 09351 sugary PINK I plan to knit "Marlene" in it!
I hummed and haaa'd between this and the lovely Regia Silk Color but it was the shade of pink that swayed it and when I handed it over to the Assistant I wasn't quite paying attention (because I was paying by debit card - have you NOTICED how "how much"? doesn't seem to matter? by card? as for cash? it ought. I suppose) but then something made me stop and look! £5! for the PAIR!
the receipt clearly states 2 balls of -code- sock yarn by Coates @ £2-50 ea = £5.00.
hurrah! a bargain?
IS this I wonder the price? or a promotion? or a mistake!
She'd gone on to serve other customers so I took it as correct and fled . I mean went off at brisk pace for the train home!
Luck was still on my side!
Not only did I have 3 bags of bargain discounted clothes, a fab buy of the ONLY copy of the brand new book in the shop for my son - a pair of bargain balls of wool - but I arrived at the platform just a second or two before my train pulled up! empty! I had a large seat to myself and my bags and texting home my imminent arrival a cup of TEA waiting for me as I step inside .. bliss ..
even the washing up was done! hurrah!

Sock yarn for Marlene
 All I need to do now is FINISH some projects!
Most importantly Killing sleeve one is very nearly complete, I knitting most of this last night while watching The Voice and BGT (loved this weeks ep! the Geisha! brilliant fun! scary!!) and I need to finish at least ONE sock to release a pair of needles to start Marlene!

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