Wednesday, 30 May 2012

More knitting progress

First off the lovely felted bag!  I completely enjoyed knitting this! and when I ran out of yarn I was temporarily swayed into using bag "handles" instead of the knitted icord, but thankfully I was persuaded otherwise! and now I've finished, I'm rather glad I did knit them as per pattern instructions!

The bag is lovely! I use it for lightweight useage eg project bag to knit clubs - do you see the "feet"?
I'm still keeping an eye out for proper "purse feet" but in the meantime these studs are doing the trick!

Marlene is still OTN's! .. just! .. even though about a squillion and two people on Ravelry posted and blogged about the gauge issue I still la-laa-d their comments and persisted for 3 whole repeats on usual size 2.5mm .. sigh .. after struggling to get it over my ankle, and fearing the pattern was too stretched out, I ripped out completely and am reknitting on size 3mms which is at the top end of needle size for this yarn, and it fits a little better!
I would, I know, be better off using a different weight of yarn, but I love this pink! I wanted a pair of "pink Marlenes" so I'm putting up with it!

Two more pattern repeats, and then I can do the heel flap!

Nifty little gadget!
I bought this Prym product for keeping track across a row of charted pattern eg for fairisle a couple of weeks ago and I love it! SO SIMPLE! it just highlights the current row and is easily moved but stays in place for the duration!  A snip at £2.25?
(from House of Fraser if interested).

which leads on nicely to THIS!
To Tintaglia!  the shawl pattern and recommended yarn (in same colourway too!) purchased at last year's Fibre Flurry event - bought from the lovely pair that are Easy Knits!
super biffle, swamp thing .. yum!
I have ripped back the start twice before finally giving up on the chart and knitting from the written instructions instead!
dead easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy pattern ONCE you get it going!

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