Friday, 27 April 2012

A felted fairisle bag project & ebook

This week I decided to buy the lovely Liat's ebook on fairisle knitting which is accompanied by a lovely felted bag project to demonstrate the knitting and techniques.
I joined the KAL on Rav. and today bought some nice "wool" for felting from here - Katia a chunky knit on 7-8mm and according to the ballband a shrinkage of some 30-40% upon washing at 40deg in the machine.
I shall have to remember to take measurements ahead of shrinking!
After looking at some of the lovely colours, in the end I rather predictably opted for the neutral shades seen below - I think they will blend well and hopefully show the pattern being a light and dark yarn.

They are shades 09/brown and 07/beige 3 balls of each colour way.

This was a treat for having gone along to be frightened by the Dr this morning at the Hospital at the appointment booked a couple of weeks ago following my "faint" episode. 
It turns out I am rather anaemic and have been put on iron tables for the foreseeable future - the Dr said "until told otherwise!!" ..
Having been asked to hop on the couch for a quick exam of stomach I was just about to get up when he started poking at prodding at my (swollen) ankles and then deftly managed to sneak in a request I turn over! bah! still. got to be done. I suppose.  sigh. Mind, having said that having had two babies I think I've probably had just about the worst and embarrassing of experiences one is likely to have with a Dr but its the first time one has said he's just about to insert a CAMERA! .. I coughed .. he hissed .. I muttered .. he mumbled .. a camera!? hmm
Not good enough, he shot off and returned with forms and paperwork it appears have to return next week for a proper camera/look!
As I stook at the counter while the clerk booked the appointment it all came back to me as she piled in the packs of "stuff" to drink and I came over all pale and wan at the memory of the last time!
As I stook at the booking in desk the Nurse asked "how much did you manage to drink ... ? .."
all of it? ! I said .. (this is what instructed) .. oh! she said .. Good!grief? well DONE! .. all of it? yes. ALL OF IT. AS PER THE INSTRUCTIONS.
Turns out not many actually follow the instructions and I did say that it might have been helpful had the instructions hinted that "most if not all all ought be drunk" but she was still stuck on my having compliantly drunk it with out question ..
THIS time I shall make sure I've got some orange squash in! to disguise the disgusting taste!
Not sure that I shall get any results different from the repeat test, but having been told is necessary can't really refuse and still expect some diagnosis.
I tried asking about the blood tests.
I tried finding out if the blood tests told them anything. meant anything. were helpful.
I didn't get anywhere.
Dr's are very good at dodging the question and my Dr's seem to be excellent at dodging the patient! HE hopped it and scarpered while I was otherwise occupied and I turned to find the door swinging on its hinges .. oh .. thats it, then? .. goodbye ..?
I have to stop my warfarin for 3 days prior and the iron one week - I shall hope to have an explanation for my anemia if not my stomach problems once and for all. wish me luck! x

Tomorrow I am meeting up with a knit-quilty-pal-Sally for a catch up and browse at the "wool" in House of Fraser - I've been reading a lot on blogs recently about "knit heroes" you can read here about it - and my most consistent knitting-hero has got to be my friend!  Just for the inspiration and interest she takes and makes through HER enjoyment of all things woolly-knitty and I know I'm not alone in thinking this as it came up during the last knit-club as some of the ladies discussed missing her at her "old" job as Rowan DC.  We are lucky to live close enough to be able to attend the same groups and shops and it only takes one person to bring something "nice" and it sets the rest of us off and when I think about WHO that one person usually is that sets us all off (and spending ££ and casting on!) its almost always my friend-Sally! 
I had a funny moment when on one recent occasion a former colleague of hers overheard my saying that I was a "friend of Sally's" and asked WAS I a "friend"? an ACTUAL "friend"? - proper friend is what she meant! or did I just loosely "know her" - well we had a laugh about it because for the time after I kept finding myself saying "my friend! .." and it made me realise how much I appreciate the hobby interest I have in things crafty FOR the friends I've made through enjoying it with others.
She doesn't have a website, or a flickr a/c and doesn't do a lavish Rav. page so I can't share much other than say my friend Sally is my knitting-hero!
My all time long time bestest ever friend is also a knit/sew/quilt hero and she would be embarrassed if I flung open her blog and rav pages but Debs knows who she is and why SHE is my all time best friend. what a nice way to acknowlege people, I wish I were clever enough to link to the original blog post but I think if you type in knit hero to google something will come up if are interested.


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