Thursday, 26 April 2012

Knitting Socks and Fairisle knitting

No.1.Son's socks

I set myself the deadline of completing no.1.son's socks in the 2nd of three colourways of this lovely regia world college sock yarn bought at bargain price from Kemps recently.  I had just under a week.  I made it! just! The toes were "kitchenered" late Sat pm while watching BGT just in time for taking him back to his Uni digs on Sunday!
I love them! the pattern is lovely! the stripes are lovely! the yardage is lovely! knitting them was lovely! what can I say? I LOVE them!
I still have one more colourway and might keep those for myself!
In the meantime, a rather BRIGHT stripe sock for me:
I've just finished knitting the first sock - its the same ribbed pattern as the other socks and looks better on/worn than just as it is now here lying there all limp!
I used my addi lace 2.5mm 100cm circ but this time for the picking up stitches and gusset, as per my other socks I decided to switch to DPNs for ease of knitting and keeping track of decreases.
I had to with the other socks as I was using a 9" sock needle but it made me realise how much I ENJOY knitting with dpns!
Unfortunately I prefer to knit the socks in one go ML style too much to drop the technique in favour of dpns for the whole of the pattern - I just find it easier this way - but it was nice to switch just for this part.

I've got back into my knitting!
I'm feeling enthused and inspired!
My projects list has grown! my queue is so long now I've calculated I need to make it to 313yrs ..
All joking aside, I've decided that I will finish my "killing" jumper and order a ball of yarn to complete the "frill edged jumper" and try NOT to think about new projects!

My killing sleeve 1 is on a circ and I've decided to do the version with the motif above the cuff.

Having put this down some weeks ago before my son came home from Uni and I got all distracted with hats and socks I decided I needed some "help" and purchased a copy of the lovely ebook on Fairisle knitting by the lovely Liat Gat who also has a lively Ravelry group to accompany her website.
I plan to buy some "wool" to knit the felted bag which demonstrates the techniques and get some practice in ready for my big challenge - the rams and yowes throw!!
I am trying, too, to learn to knit continental style and you might remember I managed to "learn" the "knit" stitch with confidence and getting the tension right during a trip down to see our son at Uni - some 4hrs worth of travelling - while knitting a garter stitch scarf over some 300st's!
Well, this time I CO for my regia stripe sock (see pic above) and tried to practice using this style over a "proper project" ie with purling and with rounds. 
I feel much more confident but in need of some "tips" to help perfect the technique so am looking to purchase either Liat's continental knitting course, or Anniken's continental/norwegian purl version.
hmm. not sure. 

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