Monday, 2 April 2012

Knitting progress - a sock and 2 sleeves

There has been knitting! lots of knitting and some yarn stashing too!
First off - confessions - this is what I've bought:
A few more Knit Pro needle tips to add to my collection and another cable all with a 20% reduction from the lovely Fibre Flurry shop which has now sadly and suddenly "closed" for business as a "shop" (but the owner hopes to continue with an online yarn shop in the near future and we all wish her well in this venture).

At the same time I have had my eye on some lovely colours of the Almerino dk Rooster yarn and decided to go for it and buy it for a striped top in the current issue of The Knitter but now I'm having second thoughts and might look for an alternative short sleeved top/cardi of some description.
if anyone has any pattern ideas or suggestions, please DO comment and share!

I love everything in the current edition - 43 and want to knit the following!
This is the yarn I purchased to knit Lori, but I think I may revise my plan as said above.

I'm fascinated by steeking at the moment and need to practice on smaller projects before I commit to starting the lovely kit for Rams and Yowes purchased recently.

I'm also interested in lace styled patterns and want to knit the sideways cardigan in some stashed yarn gifted from a prolific knitter and sewist/quilter but need to ask my good friend Sally who is just the best knitter I know HOW to increase the length of this by a few inches to suit my preferences!

Well I reckon that makes me around 103yrs by the time I've made a dent in my planned projects lets hope my eyesight keeps going!

I've got a couple of nice scarf and shawl patterns in mind from a library book, along with two patterns for jacket styled cardigans .. really I have too much filling up my head with ideas for my own good ..

Its nice to end on a nearly happy moment of a project NEARLY FINISHED ..

The lovely Frilled Edged Cardigan nears completion with just the sleeves to knit before attempting the knitted on edging for neck and sleeve hems with a contrast yarn after to finish the project BUT am running out of yarn and I'm hoping that I can get the remaining outstanding ball so as to be able to finish it!  fingers crossed! 
Originally this was to be a garment knit for demonstration at the LYS, however as this is now closed for business the owner has kindly gifted me the project and promises to send on the final ball which is kindess itself considering the upsetting decision she's clearly been forced to make - I shall call this my "fibre flurry jumper" from now on!

And even better a FULLY FINISHED .. SOCK! ok, I know a finished PAIR of SOCKS would be better! but this is the best I've done so far so it will have to do.

I knit the sock down to the heel flap on one car journey back and forth to collect no.1.son from his Uni digs for the Easter holiday and finished the sock this weekend!  I love it!
I have used the pattern "Ribbed Socks by Vintage Vogue" from the lovely sock book Vogue Knitting : the Ultimate Sock Book and there are a few patterns I'd like to knit from here too (but I think that takes me up to around 107yrs ... lol)
I purchased the yarn from the lovely Kemps Wool which have fantastic prices and I shall weigh the remaining wool after I've knit the 2nd sock.

I used my newish 9" circular sock needle purchased from the lovely Brownberry Yarns at a past knit event for all but the heel flat/gusset section which I knit with my DPNS, its a tricky needle to get used to - the idea is good but somehow you have to grip the short needle tip tightly but at the same time remember to loosen slightly the grip AS you knit .. takes a while to get into it and isn't as "easy" to handle as regular circs in ML or on dpns and I definitely would NOT do a "pattern" sequence!

Finally! yesterday was both April Fools Day and my late-Father's birthday - I think that might have put him in his 80's but my maths is poor at the moment.

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