Thursday, 26 April 2012

Poor Lilly - no teeth!

Poor Lilly! last week we took her to the Vets for a "dental" (we thought she'd have a sort of cat version of scale and polish!) it was later on in the evening before she'd come round sufficiently for us to be allowed to collect her and bring her home.
The Vet Receptionist advised she'd had "several" teeth removed .. and thrust a pack of meds at us for administering during this week and booked an appt for her to attend for a check up yesterday ..
I sort of had a feeling she was missing a few teeth .. dh got hold of the wrong idea and thought her followup appt for for fitting of "dentures" .. imagine! fitting a cat with dentures?
We muddled through and managed to get the tablets down her throat but it wasn't easy!
anyway, this is lovely Lilly lying quietly in a corner recovering on her comfort blanket which was donated with the two cats from the lovely Cats Protection at the time we "adopted" them.

Poor Bertie knows something is up! he's kept a very low profile! we think he knows its his turn next! but that will be some time away - it cost the best part of £170! ouch! still - can't have pets and not be prepared to pay the vets bills for their wellbeing .. we need a bit of a rest now from spending to recover - its been an expensive month with various things, and a busy one too domestically.
Hopefully now the lads are back to their respective college/uni and dh to work MY routine will become more "normal".

I'm still struggling with these iron tablets for my anaemia - tomorrow I have an appt at the Hospital to frighten a new Gastric-Cons with my irritable stomach! I'm not holding out much hope, but you never know! ONE of the blood tests taken at the time of  my "faint" might just prove "positive" .. for SOMETHING! .. anything! .. at this stage, I'd settle for anything so long as it had a "name" and a proper diagnosis!

finally! what can I say? but APPLE PIE! yum! I made this the day before son.1's return to Uni - he likes apple pie and I used the recipe from the Hairy Bikers cook book - very nice I'd make it again.

Finally! dh's Niece, Claire Lomas, was featured on a slot on Breakfast tv/bbc1 this morning as she set off for day FIVE in her attempt at the London Marathon - she anticipates approx 3 weeks to complete and it was nice to see her smiling and sounding positive despite the horrible weather we've had!  Please wish her luck and visit, if you can, her webpage - she is doing the challenge using a new "rewalk" system of "robotic legs" in order to raise awareness and funds for Spinal Research and has gained support from a stack of sporting and celeb corners with some offering to "walk" with her along her route.
According to her FB status, she expects to be featuring in tomorrow's itv Daybreak breakfast show between 7-8am so if you are able, please watch ..


Valeri said...

Sorry to hear you arn't feeling too good. I thought you were all better now! Yummy apple pie! Now that Lilly has fewer teeth you'll probably find she dribbles a lot! Cheerful arn't I! lol xx

SewIknit2 said...

thanks for that, Val! about the dribbling cat! she was grabbing at my yarn and needle cable last night and it was a shame! without any teeth she couldn't bite! ha!
Sue x