Friday, 13 January 2012

New Year Knitting

OTN's is the lovely Joshua by Sarah Hatton from The Knitter issue 39.
I will update my Ravelry project page with details of the yarn which was purchased at HofF in a 20% promotion.  Its knit in the lovely Rowan Tweed and while I've had a few "problems" getting the pattern established, mostly its been of my own doing!

I've ripped back several times - annoyingly after completely most of the back/cable section before FINALLY getting the "pattern" only to find that a chance ponder over "length" made me realise that this falls some 5cm short compared to no.2.son's RTW jumpers!  Knowing that he is somewhat "reluctant" to wear "mum's knitted jumper" if he barely manages to tug it down past hip bones he won't wear it! so - once more - ripped right back and reknit to add the length .. which means is a good chance I'll be short of yarn, but can't be sure as I purchased "extra" just in case .. if I were more mathematical (or just did/understood the point of a tension square!) I'd be able to work out IF I had sufficient yarn - as it I'm mathematically challenged so will just knit on and see how I get on!

Now that I've "got" the pattern, I do like it! the cable section which you can't see from here, is nice and I will update as I reach that point ..

FINISHED is Banshee by Kim Hargreaves from the lovely Scarlet and its a lovely warm jumper knit in the cosy Rowan Kid Classic, this was a bargin lot of 10 balls in yarn clearance marked down some year or so ago.

At the same clearance, I also bought 10 balls of Rowan pure silk and was pleased to find in local JL a half price Rowan book featuring this yarn!

Best bargain! though! was 12 balls of the lovely Rowan Lima at half price - I've spent the last week or so fondling various yarns and very nearly didn't buy anything, but as I have had my eye on a few patterns using this I thought that 12 at half price in such a nice neutral colour has got to be taken home!! Shade 889 Lot 2F9289


marysews said...

That orange-rust sweater looks good on you! Way to go!

quiltingseagull said...

love your sweater!