Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bargain Colourscape Chunky & hair cut

What do you think?  Had my hair cut and coloured slightly differently.  Slightly more "red" in the colour, we've been adding to the mix for several months now ever since I took the decision to permanently dye my hair and think this is just about "me" - what do you think?

I'm not very adventurous with my hair, although its very "good" and has a nice natural kink/wave to it its really neither truly "curly" nor "straight".  somewhere inbetween and has to be thinned considerably to keep it under control.  I have my lateMother's hair in this respect, unfortunately I also inherited my lateFather's "white" hair too - NOT so good!  underneath at the roots is where it shows hence it gets done every 6weeks.

Popped into the town to try and get a wii golf game for dh for his birthday and - cough - somehow - cough - managed to drop into my bag a ball of Patons Trentino dk AND 5 skeins of Rowan Colourscape Chunky in 443/cloud to knit this from The Colourscape Chunky Collection (first book).

I hummed and haa'd about it (for approx 4mins) as although 5 skeins for £30 is a good price, its not the best bargain however I have wanted to knit something from this book other than the scarf I've knitted twice using 1 skein apiece and as they only had a couple of packs left and it was, afterall, PINK, decided to grab it.  The other ball was reduced £4 and I thought nice "manly" colours that would come in handy should I have a sudden need t knit something "manly" for a man next year .. they did have alternative pink/girly colours but I felt better, slightly, for buying something not obviously for "me".


marysews said...

I like the color, but I wonder if it will grow out as neatly.

Meanwhile, what makes you think that only yarns and fabrics just jump into shopping carts?! This happens to us at the grocery store, too!

SewIknit2 said...

Maer, I get my hair coloured every 6weeks - I have to ! underneath its completely WHITE! EEK! and don't laugh either!
Weirdly I find gin leaps into my trolley too - I do try to stick to a "list" but inevitably I find some stuff just has to come home but I'm wise to avoiding temptation in the main.
sue xx