Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy New (crafty) Year!

A belated but sincere Happy New Year! x
FINALLY I uploaded squillions of photo's from my camera to the pc and find myself overwhelmed with so much and so many things to SAY and share that I've decided to fling, instead, a selection of photo's and start afresh with some KNITTING completed and newly OTN's!

The cats enjoyed searching for "mousie" in amongst the gift wrap .. poor Lilly got "shouted" at by dh and had a sulk in response and had to be "persuaded" to join in .. she's such a GIRL!
we had a quiet night in on New Year's Eve with a drink, just the family - and enjoyed a nice meal on New Years Day.
It was nice to have no.1.son home from Uni for the holiday, and nice to have both our "children" together albeit they kept as far apart as politely possible!! it seems to be some sort of law that you don't like your brother but without any specific REASON - a teen phase (we hope!)

Anyway, we had a good time enjoying our family at home and this weekend we take our son back to Uni.  No.2.son is today taking the first of his first year A Level exams and dh remarked that it won't be too long before we're looking at Uni's for him! and then another year and they'll BOTH be off our hands and on their own!  A rather daunting prospect! no "children" at home!
Next month we find out if work will extend dh's post-retirement contract - fingers crossed they will for both financial and personal reasons and not just to suit me!!

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