Thursday, 19 January 2012

Happy Birthday Cake/s!

Today is dh's birthday!  its also his day he doesn't work so it was nice for him to be home on his birthday which usually only happens occasionally.  Traditionally we enjoy a nice "cake" and as he likes to take cakes into work I spent most of the day baking!
Above is my his cake!  A chocolate sponge sandwiched with fresh whipped double cream.  Unfortunately I'd run out of icing sugar so wasn't able to "dust" the top to look pretty but I doubt it will affect the taste.

Additionally I baked a batch of plain scones and filled them with jam and fresh cream, a batch of choc.filled "fairy" cakes and two large cider cakes.  Most of these will be sliced and packed to take into work tomorrow for the office.

I managed to roll the dough and cut nearly all the scones in one go! a first for me! usually I am terrible at rolling.

Tonight we are going out for a curry - we went out last week with our no.1.son before returning him to Uni so we could enjoy a family meal but that was at the local pub, this time we're going to a restaurant that does a nice combination of both Indian and English dishes which will suit us three.
Unfortunately this means that I am unable to make the knit night at the lys but as its a weekly event I will make arrangements to meet my knit-pal-Sally for next week, but after the slightly disappointing welcome at the party it won't be a bad thing to leave it a week.

Looking forward, too to getting my hands on the next issue of Knit! which promises to be a "Killing" special and looks good from the preview.
Also looking forward to the new yarns and book collections from Rowan coming "soon" - just read the news e-newsletter for January which touches briefly on whats to come.  If you've not joined its well worth it and there is an option for a free membership and paid one.  Previously I have paid and subscribed, but now I tend to buy any books direct from the shops.

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