Wednesday, 30 June 2010

TIME I thought to get my bead box out!
Last week I bought two inexpensive skirts from a popular shop and after seeing two other ladies wearing the same denim skirt decided that now was the perfect opportunity to make my mark on MY purchase!

Its been good for me also to get back to my sewing room and start mooching about my boxes and sorting through my bead and thread collection again and dead easy as the skirt already has an embroidered pattern just asking for some embellishment to be added! what could be a nicer and easier project than to fling some beads at an appropriate pattern?

I decided to stick with a blue theme although the greens came a close 2nd and I've still got half a mind to add some little shisha mirrors just to be complete show-off!!

The shot is poor, unfortunately, but I think you can just about see the progress and the difference that the few beads have made already?

A close up reveals how suited this embroidered pattern is to some beads - the pattern extends all the way around the skirt on each panel and is actually quite a nice skirt and is a good fit too which is unusual for me - I normally struggle with RTW and my typical "pear shape".

Bertie, of course, has LOVED this project! If you've got cats you'll know that you simply cannot get out a sewing project without attracting the "help" from a cat! He enjoys, particularly, the "feel" of my bead mat which is soft and fluffy but is not altogether happy about "sharing" "his" room again .. (I think he's claimed squatter's rights!).

We've been enjoying lovely weather with lots of sunshine and its been too warm to knit! The needles and yarn feel uncomfortable when hands are hot and sticky - according to local weather forecasters it won't last, though! make the most of it while we can!!

My knit-pal-Sally and I have decided that we're going to set up a mini quilt-club! in her super new sewing room which she describes as perfect for lazy days enjoying some crafting in her new flat and in a fortnight we're going to meet and plan a project - that should be fun!

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Jules said...

Wow that beading is so beautiful! Great job & patience with that!:)