Tuesday, 8 June 2010

More baking - white choc chip brownies

This white choc-chip brownies mixture is cooling along with another batch of rock cakes. I am assured from the book that these are more gooey and fudgey the day after baking. We'll see (if they last that long)!

Delicious smell of baking, fruit and chocolate is wafting throughout my house! bliss!

Plans are underway to redecorate our lounge. A friend has come round to disconnect our gas fire, dh is set to dismantle the horrid and terribly old fashioned brick work around the fireplace and whole side of our room and we've had some switch sockets moved too.

The cats are not happy and both sense that things are afoot! no.1.son had to rescue Bertie who attempted to squeeze himself through the gap in brickwork and got stuck after dh did an experimental removal of a few bricks to "see" what is inside!

I anticipate a lot of mess and upheaval but it will be good to finally get work underway. We will need new furniture and carpet - basically everything needs replacing; whether I'll make the soft furnishings I'm undecided at the moment - will review nearer the time!

Our son has almost complete his A Level exams and will break for the summer in a few weeks time, he has decided to look around and do some voluntary work during the summer (paid work seems non-existent at the moment, here at least).

There will be knitting pics and posts, soon! I promise! I am getting on with Cloud my Calmer cardigan project and will blog progress along with photo's.


marysews said...

Lemme guess: I read about your tasty treats, I get fatter, you look slimmer. Tricky gal!

SewIknit2 said...

lol! Mary nothing like a good dose of illhealth to lose the weight! I don't recommend it, however it does WORK (as a diet replacement!!).