Friday, 25 June 2010

Made with Love

This week I've been messing around with odds and ends of yarn and making some crochet flowers using the Rowan Crochet Workshop book as guide. Building myself up to working on a crochet project "proper" the flowers have given me the inspiration to try and progress my crochet a little more robustly!

The circles are knit with a view to possibly making a necklace - not sure yet, though.

A little bit of yummy Rowan baby alpaca and KSH finished with one of the little charms I'd bought at the Sewing for Pleasure show this year, it says "Made with Love".
I'm squinting a bit on the pic on account of not yet used to the glorious sunshine we're enjoying at present! hurrah! summer, its seems is HERE! .. bliss ..

Did anyone catch the Wimbledon epic match? Phew! I seriously worried that at least one of them would surely come down with something dreadful or have a heart attack as a result of it all but what can one say other than marvel at all the records they broke between them!

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