Friday, 4 June 2010

Shopping! (with teenagers for clothes)

THAT is about as close as we're likely to get with taking a picture of my no..2.son in his new clothes.
For some reason he has decided he doesn't like his photo being taken and I find myself having to sneak crafty photos and hope have remembered to remove the flash and silence the bipping noise my camera occasionally makes when pressing the button!
I expect its his age.
At nearly 15yrs he's now wearing adult clothes in the smallest size and is apparent he does NOT want "mum" clothes shopping alongside, but while I'm paying, I'm coming shopping!!
Two other "mums" and I stood at an agreed distance from the changing room and gradually edged ourway closer until two of us were practically IN the outer doorway before being scolded by our teens who emerged moodily half an hour after going IN with an armful of EXPENSIVE clothes they declared "fitted" ..
I managed to get the attention of a passing sales assistant to check that I could under their terms of agreement, return any clothes - to the embarassment of my son .. but I need to be SURE they fit!!
Gulped a bit at the cost of the white cotton mix shirt, but I have to say that it did look particularly smart and will be nice for both a forthcoming family wedding and our summer holidays!

Tomorrow, I am informed, there will be a few more people arriving.
I may have mentioned?
No.2.son had asked that we vacate the house in order for him and "a couple" of friends to watch a dvd?
Casually he let slip it MIGHT be a bit more than 5. 8 in fact. Well more. but managed to shriek at him that EIGHT is absolutely the limit! and that has to include him!
I'm not personally concerned about his friends individually, rather the idea of friends-of-friends turning up. He is told FIRMLY that is his responsibility to make it clear who IS invited and the rest, unfortunately, on this occasion are NOT!

Its not easy balancing the social lives of your growing teens and your own desire for a quiet and peaceful boring middle-aged life, franklyI shall be relieved when it all returns to "normal" with School and College from Monday!


marysews said...

We have been known to give the kids X amount of money and let them sort it out themselves. Eventually my DS learned to let DD take him to thrift stores to buy clothes.

Whatever you do, do not leave the house tomorrow. As "Mum in charge," you are required to stay put and be in charge. Establish ahead of time, if possible, if he thinks you are going to provide beverages or snacks for his friends. Inform him that he will be the host, and thus required to fetch what his guests need, within your pre-established limits. Just remember who's the boss and who's not!

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks Mary, I have revised our original plan to be completely out of the house and away to being rather more discreetly out of the house for a short time during the actual watching of dvd!
And revised the snacks/beverages too!
Wish me luck!
dh is currently cleaning/tidying the room for them & rearranging furniture.
Have we still got loads to learn? he-he!!!

marysews said...

I'm glad you had that discussion. Kids always need a safety net, but they usually claim otherwise.

SewIknit2 said...

apparently it was a bit noisy but generally they were well behaved, certainly they were polite when we returned home and thanked us for having them; its NICE when teens behave with good manners and mostly they DO, don't you find? they don't always deserve their reputation.

marysews said...

I'm glad it worked out well for you.