Friday, 28 May 2010

Scarf and Socks

Picked up some Rowan Colourscape yarn and knitted a scarf from my book when an opportunity came for me to purchase it with 25% discount. The scarf is super! the yarn is seriously YUMMY and one ball did me just enough to satisfy while keeping within sensible budget!
I've worn this scarf practically all winter!

When I read on Ravelry that Lidl were selling cut price sock yarn and selling out FAST I got down to my local store and found that either no one was rushing HERE or no one knits socks here! I was able to pick up squillions of balls of assorted sock yarn/colours - sadly I discovered the following day that the yarn is not guaranteed machine washable without a bit of felting!!
oh well!

Worth a chance, though, on knitting a pair to see for myself the results! So far the socks are knitting up nicely and you can see from pic below that I'm on the foot section fast approaching the shaping for toe! AND that I have TWO socks on ONE circular!
hurrah! yes! another technique mastered! and ticked off the list of things I simply NEED to learn!!
For some time now I have wanted to explore different methods of knitting socks and have been impressed with the 2 x socks x 2 circs and then the WHIZZINESS and excitement of knitting ML on one circ, I simply HAD to master two on one!!
It took me ages to "get" it! particularly the cast on bit - inspired by an article in a copy of Yarn Forward that seemed to indicate on one page of photo tutorial is EASY-PEASY-LEMON-SQUEEZY I set to and spent a whole DAY thrashing about and generally threatening to stab anyone who approached and ripped off countless attempts before finally through excellent tutorial on the web WORKED OUT HOW TO START OFF!

The starting point - the cast on is a nightmare! but once you've passed that bit, and have your socks ON the needle, the rest, I guarantee IS indeed a doddle! and well worth the initial stress for the satisfaction OF a pair of socks safely on one needle!

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