Friday, 28 May 2010

Hurrah! I'm back! and what better way - cake!

I can't think of a NICER way of announcing am BACK! than with a couple of pics of yummy CAKE and FRUIT PIE! yayyy!! (and very yummy they both were too!)

Victoria Sponge with raspberry jam and cream on the occasion of no.1.son's 17th birthday March '10 and Fruit Pie baked in School both made by no.2.son who continues his interest in cookery and has taken it up as a GCSE option even!

Family news first: no.1.son is halfway through taking his A-Levels and doing very well at his 6th form college and beginning to look at Uni to progress his interest in Politics.
(slightly screechy moment of hysteria when I completely misunderstood and thought he was looking to become the next PM and I'd picked out the front room at Number Ten for a sewing room and resolved to change a few things namely to include yarn & knitting lessons on the Nhs by prescription for freee!). Its not, apparently, to do with any of that and I can, he said, get OUT of my head any thoughts in that direction. Oh well. friends. I tried! I really did!

No.2.son is halfway through his GCSE course and is looking set to achieve some good results if his teacher's are to be believed and this year's Progress Report is pleasingly positive with excellent marks and fab personal comments. In a few weeks time he will undertake 2 weeks of work experience and has arranged to work at each of his former infant and primary Schools and is looking forward to this. I was proud to get a telephone call from the infant school to say THEY were particularly looking forward to meeting up with him after this time as they remembered him particularly well. Afterwards, I feared, rather, that they'd MUDDLED him with his BROTHER! oh well. Lets hope they forget the kicking-teacher's-legs in the playground incident ..

DH has managed - touching wood and crossing fingers - so FAR to avoid dreaded threat of redundancy! Recently they have lost a large element of their work and indeed one of his longest standing colleagues of some 30+yrs service has been made redundant which is causing a few uncertainties.
This week he was called twice into a meeting with HR and other senior Manager and had to be helped back by the Secretary on account of grey pallour and faintness.
Apparently he is to be given a bonus and a pay rise!
I needn't, he said, get too excited and muttered about sorting me out a "fiver" ..
Oh well. Better though than notice of redundancy.

Understandably he is nervous about the future as I continue to be home and not yet seeking work due to ongoing health issues.

My final update is the matter of my health: My frozen shoulder which set off the whole chain of events - seemingly - continues to bother me from time to time but is considerably improved and I feel its reached the point at which I have to now accept that this is IT! I have a new Physiotherapist, a woman, at a local Hospital who is a lovely lady and worth the trek of getting to the appointment for the sympathetic approach coupled with some practical and no nonsense advice on COPING with pain and symptoms and MANAGING my pain and feelings.
DISTRACTION! seems to be the important thing! and LITTLE AND OFTEN too.
(and some PT exercises which I have to say DO work when followed correctly and consistently - the key to managing frozen shoulder I've found is to accept it will hurt for a long time and for a lot of time, and to get on with it as best one can).

My digestive problems are progressing and in the next two weeks I'm off for my "final test" of Oesophageal Manometry and 24hr PH Monitoring. Am assured by the Technician that neither will hurt! and am hopeful that it won't be yucky either!

My dizziness has proved not to be in my head! And has been flung into the lap of the Cardiologist by my Neurologist and isn't dizzy afterall - rather is faintness. In March this year I was booked in for an AF Ablation and am currently recovering from having had this procedure earlier in May. It seems that most of my problem are cardiac related and while I might be sat here thinking has all been rather a pointless and frustrating waste of time, at least I can't say I've not had a very full and extensive MOT - and all for free too! I've had exams at all ends and angles and some tests I'd rather not repeat and wouldn't recommend either! but I can't say they've not looked hard for something, for some explanation!
I am to continue with further testing on additional heart irregularities and might have a 2nd Ablation to be decided mid July.
In the MEANTIME am back on my meds - despite becoming sensitive to them and having unpleasant side effects, I have no choice at the moment and have halved my dose and switched to evening routine and am currently put onto Warfarin too which means lots of trips to the Hospital for blood tests.

Had I been a bit sharper I might have taken some pics of the rather spectacular bruises I've collected, but really that goes too far and dwells too much on stuff we'd rather not!
With that in mind, I've combined it all into this post as update and explanation as to why in part I've been largely absent from both blogging and crafting!

Its time! though! to move on! and in effort to get back to some sort of "normal" I've taken squillions of pics of stuff I've made or started this last year and yarn I've stashed! and will update both my Flickr and Ravelry accounts and hope to feel at least a bit more ORGANISED!

I intend to pick up my knitting and also to resume sewing! I am shocked to discover its two years since I last sewed with any real commitment and enthusiasm!
This has been the longest period and 2nd hardest only to that when I lost my parents, that has affected me personally and craft-wise and I really need to THANK with sincerity my friends - cyber and real life - that have largely put up with my screechiness and frustrations and accepted that I've been a rubbish pal for most of this time too! for all their support and encouragement and just for sharing this and being here for me.

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