Monday, 31 May 2010

Brighter Weather, Day Trip Out

The weather brightened yesterday afternoon and we decided to go out to a local country park for a walk. Probably a mistake, I returned home feeling considerably tired and with an onset of my AF which lasted all evening and night too. The leaflet is misleading; it suggests that one might care to refrain from vigorous actitivity for a couple of weeks but then - hurrah! one is back to "normal" as though nothing has happened! This is absolutely NOT my experience!

On a brighter note, the weather was gloriously sunny and the family as co-operative as a bunch of males can be when "forced" to enjoy a day out when there is FOOTBALL on the tv ..

No.1.son is rather better at accepting his fate and getting on with it ..

No.2.son - isn't ..

Things brightened considerably after I announced that perhaps it was a bit too much and over ambitious to expect a weekend of day trips out - tomorrow (today) we shall STAY IN!
As its a Bank Holiday Monday dh is home and normally I would drag everyone OUT to take advantage of this, as it is I shall rest and do some knitting! (and they can watch football - assuming there is any to watch!).

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Anonymous said...

Sue!! that is such a lovely photograph of you and the boys. I just can't believe how grown-up they suddenly seem to be!! I still imagine them as they were when 11 and 9 I guess. You must be very proud of them and their scholastic achievements...they are doing so well. You look good too m'dear!! I went back as far as when I read your blog last and just LOVE all of your lovely're so lucky to have such a wonderful selection. Also love the fabric on the cover of your book too! Looking forward to reading more...I'm going through each day in the right order...aren't I a good girl? lol Jan xxx