Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bank Holiday Weather

Typically the weather is dismal! for the Bank Holiday Weekend the forecast is generally poor and certainly today its dull and raining! If the weather does brighten up, we plan another outing to use our new membership for English Heritage and hope for a picnic somewhere nice!

Earlier this year a new lady joined our weekly Craft Group and shared with us her delightful handmade books and duly offered to make us each a "kit" and teach us how to make them for ourselves!
Above and below are photo's of the sample book that I made on this day!
I'm extremely impressed with it! and thrilled at the result too and was keen to share with my cyber-sew-pals; it seems this is very popular too and I'm looking to expand my interest further!

I have three more books on the go, and have looked for something to use for stiffening the covers and found a product that looks promising! All I'm waiting now is for inspiration to strike for finishing them!

"Finishing" along with "Starting" is proving to be the hard part for me at the moment and I am resolved to putting a little more effort into this process as I fear if I don't I shall lose my craft incentive and as a lot of who am I is wrapped up in my previous passion for craft (and sewing in particular!) I feel I shall have an identity crisis!
Losing my job has not helped! Both in terms of the craft input and the relationships with both fellow crafty colleages and crafty customers and its now as I approach one year on that I am realising the true impact of losing my job! It was more to me than "just my job"; I feel its time to admit I'm sad about it going, mourn my loss but time, too, to move on!

This week is half term, no.1.son is half way through his A Level exams and has just 3 more weeks before breaking for the summer. He is expressing some interest in finding some voluntary work - possibly with animals - and I've promised to help him look for opportunities. He also wishes to take up driving lessons! After some consideration we have agreed that he can start lessons after his exams.
I'm not sure I'm ready for my "children" to grow up and move on toward full adult independance but I know its inevitable and I'm trying to prepare myself to be a supportive and encouraging Mum in this respect (very difficult when basically I want them to remain "children" for just a while longer!! but its not easy, is it? when I asked my son yesterday would he like "jelly and ice cream" for pudding his face lit up like a 5yr old!! - he's rising-15yrs!).

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