Friday, 28 May 2010

Mitts, Gloves, and Fairisle

Earlier this year I attended a super Fairisle class tutored by the fabulous Sarah Hazell who always manages to both enthuse, inspire AND encourage to pick up needles and try something out! The added value with Sarah is that she always puts just that bit extra into her classes and I learned this time, how to crochet an edge and bead too! easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! hurrah! I need to do this more!!

Using the scrummy Rowan Felted Tweed our workshop included a bundle of assorted colours and I managed to make a few pairs in the weeks after using this selection to give me a whole winter's worth of handwarmers!!
A simple pattern designed to work in the flat a mixture of techniques necessary to work Fairisle we added beads and learned how to cast on in contrast colour and looked at picking up around the thumb to complete. All in all a lovely day and one that inspired me to purchase yarn and look to knit a project!

The pattern was a general one size fits all and proved to be a little large for my hands, but I found it a useful addition during colder weeks to overlay them on gloves - my hands were warm and toasty all winter!

I continued to pick up an interest in glove knitting and when the opportunity came up to purchase half price Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 ply, I bought a whole batch of yarns of assorted colours and loaded some books from the library on glove knitting and Fairisle and had resolved to knitting something colourful, challenging and pretty spectacular!
In the end, however, I settled for a pair of plain gloves!
The colour is actually a sort of blue! the light is poor! and the shot unclear!
I've mislaid the link to the pattern - pretty sure it came from Knitty but it features a different way to knit and sew up across the palm (or crochet). At the time I tried both but found I prefered the seam sewn.
Sadly I had to return the library books but would consider buying at least one of them and shall definitely look to explore further the glove knitting.
I have a pattern in The Knitter bookmarked for when I'm feeling brave!!

But its a proper Fairisle project I want to get my teeth into!
I have purchased the yarn as recommended and in the featured shades, too, from Rowan magazine 46 and have cast on for Portree and hope to have enough for Baxter Mitts too!

With that in mind I've also had another go Continental knitting! as doing it two handed is definitely the way to knit!!

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