Thursday, 25 June 2009

Prom Night!

Prom night last night for no.1.son - always held in nearby Hotel it was very well organised and attended by most of the teachers and all of the year group. This was our first time at this event and some of our son's mates got together and hired a limo for the occasion - they were very excited about the whole thing and luckily the weather was absolutely glorious!

Below you can see them meeting up in the next street to ours and dh & I sat in our car discreetly waiting for the limo to arrive to take zillions of photos! No.1.son is 2nd on the right as you look at the pic.

Here they are all piling in! gives us chance to drive down the few mins to the location, park up and wait their arrival!

HUGE excitement the other end as parents wait for them to arrive with cameras at the ready! (I think we were more excited than some of them!) Everyone was dressed really smartly and some superbly transported groups of young people added to the atmosphere - a particularly loud cheer went to the pink fire engine that arrived with LOTS of noise and filled with lots of VERY noisy young ladies!!

Below is no.1.son and his mates lining up outside their limo for a photo, he is 5th from the left as you look at the pic - you can see they are looking forward to a fun evening!

Parents gathered outside with cameras to mark the occasion and cheer each arriving party which took simply ages! Below shows no.1.son and his mates about to mingle before going inside where they had food laid on, and a disco.

It was a very long evening! he didn't arrive home until 12.40am! and I was getting rather anxious as school had said the event would finish 11-11.30pm - how I'm going to be once he gets another couple of years under his belt and starts "clubbing" I don't know!!

Dh and I sat up and waited and hoped for a conversation about the evening but - typically teenage style - he came in, announced he was thirsty, had blisters on his heels from new shoes and headed straight for the stairs!! Called up to him a rather weak "errm ..? HOW was the evening .. then .. ? .. ?" the reply, a grunt and a "don't forget to wake me EARLY tomorrow!" ..

hmm. so much for talking about it then!!

Today has been exciting too as one of the Colleges he is considering for this Sept and his A Levels had a taster day with lessons in each of the subjects he's expressed interest in and several of his friends arranged to meet up at 8.15am to travel together. Managed to get a few details dragged out of him, but teenagers don't seem to do well in communication particularly where *mum* is concerned and mostly I know that he is NOT so keen on taking A Level maths and physics! "too HARD!" was the reason! (phew! well. I could have told him THAT! just saying it sounds *hard*?)

Officially he has now left secondary school and has one super summer ahead of him of total freedom and NO responsibilities which I hope he will enjoy and appreciate. What a lovely age to be? I wouldn't want to go back to 16yrs, but its good to reflect.


Jules said...

Those boys are sure stingy with their words huh?:)lol

SewIknit2 said...

thats teens for you!

makeitsew07 said...

Wow he certainly has gotten tall... he looks quite debonair and you must have been very proud.
I still remember when he was a pre-teen, so I'm feeling rather decrepit now.. :(