Friday, 12 June 2009

WISH I'd taken my camera!

I'm so cross with myself! I sorted my camera and made sure it was charged, and then forgot to take it in the end!
Yesterday evening I met with my knitty-pal-Sally for a glass of wine and a catch up and took along my sock (see bottom pic for a look) which I cast on to knit while waiting for an appointment earlier in the week. I promised to bring along my sock knitted with one circular (magic loop) and since I have two of these circulars decided to make that my next "appointment" project which brings me to three socks OTN's which isn't ideal but never mind!

Sally brought along her FABULOUS pieced and appliqued quilt top for her dd who is expecting a 2nd baby and thats why I am cross! I'd have loved to have taken a photo and shown it to you! The quilt is going to be super! lovely and bright with super animal faces all expertly appliqued using her Janome 4000. We discussed waddings, and quilting options and I've promised to help with the binding method that I remember bring brilliantly easy-peasy-lemon-squeazy but which I've apparently "forgotten" the detail of! If I can't remember, I know I've got a sew-pal who can help me remember!

We looked through Sally's latest book purchases knitty and quilty and generally decided upon a couple of patterns for my latest yarn bargain too!

Progress is slow but steady, but not with great confidence on my sock Kai-Mei - I need to sit for a couple of hours and just knit the gussett decreases with my eyes shut tight! (and hope I'm right!)
Nearly completed sleeve one on my DB cardigan - enjoying this project! can't wait to finish/wear it!
And, below, you can see a pic of the latest appointment-sock OTN which is just your basic plain sock that can be knitted mindlessly while waiting etc.
In this month's edition of Simply Knitting there are a couple of patterns I like the look of, and have decided upon this one by Amanda Jones on page 44/45 for my bargain Rown KSS yarn - I plan silver beads/buttons.

Tempted with the Sarah Hatton pattern on page 24/25 from Rowan book - Ravenscar - in All Seasons Cotton as its currently on half price sale - however as its sold in bags of 10 and I need 12 balls, it wouldn't be much of a bargain. Easier would be the super pattern in Yarn Forward using Rowan Calmer x 8balls also half price - but am resisting! for now, at least!


makeitsew07 said...

I googled French Binding for you.. here's a great blog that shows how to apply that binding step by step:

Jules said...

Love that green!! Lovely!