Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hurah! look what I got! a new toy!

LOOK at what I've got! HURRAH! its brilliant and its MINE! DH bought it for me as a surprise as he knows I've been wanting one for years! (we'll gloss over I waited years to get what I wanted! lol!!)

JUST as I'd leaped into the shower yesterday morning after seeing both lads off to school for the day and exams respectively, the door knocked! I thought it was one of them returning to pick up something they'd forgotten and nearly ignored them thinking, lazy lads! they've got a KEY! Luckily I didn't! it was the postman! (who didn't know where to look as I stood, dripping slightly, just about covered with a rather skimpy towel that I was just clutching at myself rather than the large bath sheet that would have amply covered me on account of I thought I just had to turn the key, let a lad in and scarper back to shower!
DH had told lads that he'd ordered the walkman for me and it was due that day but sworn them to secrecy, they kept the secret all day and didn't let on!
Lovely! to have a surprise gift and lovelier still that its something I wanted!
NOW to find some yummy knitty podcasts to add to the music that no.1.son has already added to my file AND I need a cover! anyone got any suggestions for good pattern for standard walkman?

On Thursday I'm meeting with my knitty-pal, Sally, and she promises to bring with her goodies she purchased from the Ravelry Day in Coventry at the weekend! Looking forward to seeing her, catching up with knitty gossip AND a large glass of wine!

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Jules said...

I'm so happy for you & love knitting with mine!:)