Sunday, 7 June 2009

More dismal weather (more sewing!)

I wish I could send Val some of our rain! what am I saying? I wish I could send ALL of it! the cats are thoroughly fed up now and keep following me with the clear expression they expect ME to do something about it!
My has gone to the races and informs us that after a delay in the ferry crossing and with the awful weather he has finally arrived - completely soaked through, but happy to be there!
The wet weather seems to be everywhere at the moment which is disappointing as its meant to be summer! surely?
Today I'm going to sort patterns and fabric! Mind, with the weather as cold as it is wet, I don't feel much inspiration for summer garment sewing in fact last night I got out and fondled my stash of Cocoon and wished I'd started on that! And that, I suppose, is the best way? to sew and knit ahead of season? I wish I could be better organised. I need to sew with a plan!
Hope the weather is better for you.


Valeri said...

Thank you! It has arrived! Val

SewIknit2 said...

opps! sorry. I mean, oh! good, (I think!) tee-hee!! Sue