Friday, 20 March 2009

There has been SOME knitting!

Martha is progressing nicely, I'm working on the right front and the pattern is a lovely one to follow and just right for evening knitting, not too weighty on my still sore shoulder I'm hoping to crack on and complete this soon!

My socks are also knitting up well on the circulars and though I had a slight "wobble" after turning heel and adjusting for the gusset whereby for some peculiar reason I completely lost my rythmn and starting mixing my needles and nearly lost my temper after the 3rd time of taking off and putting back ON the needles the 2nd sock, I managed to get a grip and am now well on the way to knitting the foot section!

Took my socks with me to hospital appointment yesterday for scan on shoulder, I arrived around 50mins early and the receptionist was initially concerned I'd be "bored" as I was on my own and the waiting room was empty at that stage too, I assured her I'd be perfectly fine! I had my KNITTING! with me and I was quite ok at waiting as I'd not been sure where the hospital actually WAS, I'd allowed plenty of time and prepared for a "wait".
As it happens, the time passed very quickly, as it does when are knitting, and I managed to get quite a few rounds in and was quite glad of the peaceful time in the end!
Three more hospital appointments in the coming weeks, these should get knitted up quite well! (shame I can't say the same about my "problems"!)

Popped in to haby dept for a look at new yarns/patterns for inspiration but they were having a move around (and a considerably reduced space too) in local House of Fraser and I didn't see anything that grabbed my attention so left empty handed.

Of course I still have sock.2 to knit for the Seduction sock pattern I had been working on alongside my circular socks and I do plan to cast on for this shortly.

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