Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Birthday Celebrations continued

The family enjoying an evening at our house followed by a meal out which was lovely to celebrate the occasion of our son's 16th birthday.

hurrah! MONEY! always a safe but popular option (and that was just us as his parents!!) our son opening cards and gifts on his birthday. A very generous cash gift from, Martin, went down very well apparently - although I missed this and according to the family the cash is well hidden (from me!) which is probably wise!

Our no.2.son baked a cider cake which was yummy! and yes we still do the happy birthday/blowing candles although on this occasion I ran out of candles and we settled for 6 instead!

A very popular and exciting present came from my, David, who purchased a half hour flying lesson gift and this was very well received by our son who is thrilled.

Me, wishing our lovely son who IS no.1. as well as being no.1.son a very happy 16th birthday, I couldn't ask for a nicer son who just delights us and long may THIS continue!!

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