Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A very Happy 16th Birthday!

A very happy 16th birthday to our no.1.son!!

Although. I still can't believe he IS 16yrs (surely I'm only a little older than that myself? gulp! where DID the time go?) it only seems like yesterday that he was a "little boy" - now he's towering above us both at 6' and starting to make a break for independance! help!!!

No.2.son has baked him a cake - a Cider Cake - which he'd requested, and his uncles are coming round tonight and we're off for a celebratory meal in the evening. Next week he and two pals are off to see Snow Patrol also by way of celebration - how marvellous it is to have all "this" in front of you? Though I wouldn't particularly want to repeat it all again (especially some aspects!) I'm rather happy with all that I did do and I hope he manages to do all that HE wants too. Exciting times. (I think).


marysews said...

If he lived in the USA, he would have had is learner's permit for six months already. Now, don't you just feel lucky? Maybe you shouldn't tell him ...

SewIknit2 said...

lol, learner's permit for what? though? maybe you should tell me!