Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Happy Easter (family/trips out)

Hope everyone enjoyed Easter! with the long weekend looking like a good opportunity for some family days out we decided to visit Ironbridge on Good Friday intending to eat at a super pub we'd found last year, however the weather was terrible and as I was the only one to take an umbrella we decided to head home to change first before eating out locally.
I suppose we're lucky (?) that our lads still will agree to come out with us although there was a fair bit of muttering, in particular from no.2.son.13yrs (above, "helping" me down a particularly steep and muddy path. I say "help". he did tug at my arm at one point and I thought I was going to break into a trot!)

DH and no.2.son.16yrs (below) mumbled a bit about it but generally put on a show of enjoying themselves although they did sprint ahead when it started pouring and headed for the car leaving us well behind.

My brother, David, came round to show off his newest bike! all rather posh and very orange! Has traded his previous bike and headed off to visit his brother in Wales for the Easter weekend.

We headed for Warwick on Bank Holiday Monday before sinking a fair few G+T's in local pub later that evening to round the whole weekend off. Another week and the lads return to school - back to normal! hurrah!

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Jules said...

What a lovely weekend that sounds like. I'm rather jealous!:)lol