Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Catch ups!

phew! what a long time to catch up on! we've had the worst weather with snow for simply AGES and the most number of "snow days" off school that I can remember AND we've had half term week. All back to normal, now, both lads and dh have streaming colds and hacking coughs (probably down to the weather) but its all systems go from now in!
No.2.son has had his parents evening - usual stuff - gets bit boring after a while and with two well behaved and hard working lads achieving their standards and exceeding their targets it all blends into the same old same old - yawn .. still. it IS, I suppose, difficult to come up with some original way of commenting and I expect the teachers find it as tedious as we do. His French teacher actually apologised and said she really WASN'T being rude, but would we mind if she didn't actually SAY anything as there really ISN'T anything to say as she's said it all before .. actually that was different! and we didn't mind (much) at least we didn't have to sit and yawn for 4 mins ..
No.1.son has had all his results in for his mock GCSE's and is set now for the main lot which start sooner than we probably realise! He has an offer of place at both 6th form colleges he's applied to. Still determined to join the RAF, we took him to enquire further and have bunches of info to read and the whole thing starts again NEXT year as no.2.son commences his GCSE's and next week selects his options.

DH has luckily managed (thank GOODNESS) to escape a round of redundancies at work but there are still further changes afoot for the future which may or may not bode well and at 63yrs we can't work out if this will be in his/our favour or not, this side of offical retirement.
Of course MY plan (as dh keeps pointing out: MY plan) MY plan is that he apply to continue working on a part time basis for another couple of years, not least for financial reasons! two teens are not cheap!

My shoulder continues to bother me; I have appointment for scan mid March and end March for consultation. My gallbladder, apparently, is NOT likely the cause of my stomach issues - according to that Consultant. Visit tomorrow to GP to try and sort out just WHOSE problem I actually AM.
edit to add, after speaking to yet another Dr, apparently my GB is the cause of my stomach issues - hmmm

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