Sunday, 3 November 2013

WW KAL and Guernsey Triangle

I finished my Guernsey Triangle and its currently blocking quietly in the sunshine - with the help of one of our two cats - ahem!  (naughty cat-Lilly she knows she's not allowed!  I caught her napping on it this morning!)
If I'm honest I'm not over keen on it.  The pattern was lovely and straightforward to knit and the yarn nice, but its too triangle and, I think, too small.  I did have plenty of yarn so could have made it larger but I wanted to finish up to start the next project and it does, afterall, measure up to the suggested small size dimensions.  never mind I expect I'll throw it round my neck at some point even if thats about all I will get it round!!

Next up the lovely Woolly Wormhead mystery KAL hat!  I am loving this yarn its SUPER to knit with and I have finished installment 1 and can't wait for next Friday to knit further!

Buckland is progressing slowly but now I've finished up a few things I ought to be able to press on with the back, I expect I'll knit some while XFactor is on tonight.

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