Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A little lace knitting

Well its been such a dreary wet day that I have stopped in and baked some rock cakes, our Christmas cake is into the 3rd hour of baking and I have ripped off Umero and CO for Sarah Hatton's multiway stole in Rowan fine lace - you can see the start of the pattern forming after just 10 rows.  Best of all each ws row is a k4, purl, k4 so only one lace row!  Easy-peasy I shall enjoy knitting this!

I shall be CO for another hat soon - I can't believe the WWMKAL has finished already!  I've worn my hat twice and appreciate its warmth as we've gone colder all of a sudden here in the Midlands and I am missing knitting it already!

Although its quite similar at least I know it will FIT and SUIT me - this is the hat next to go on the needles: Limpetiole.

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