Friday, 22 November 2013

Festive Knits to go on the needles!

popped into Christines the lys for some scarf yarn to knit a gift for no.1.son's flatmate at his request and got THIS as well!!  three balls of  Rico Design Creative Reflection at just £2.99 a ball and a lovely pattern this is my festive knit treat!

Scarf Yarn

I wanted the red Katia Azteca but they only had odd balls of it so I went for the blue and purples and just hope she likes it!!

I shall be busy now and will put all other projects on hold in project bags - I've quite a collection of them over spilling down by my sofa.
And talking of sofas - BERTIE the naughty cat has been caught out right SITTING ON THE SOFA!  sitting, to be precise, in MY side next to my knitting!  He (and Lilly) both know they are not allowed on the furniture and although Lilly tries to get away with sneaking on and shutting her eyes quick, Bertie has never shown any interest and has done a good job of indicating he has NO mind to sit on the sofa - but now we know better!!
Unfortunately for Lilly she moults so we know when she has crept on as a telltale patch of white hairs doesn't lie!  but Bertie doesn't shed cat-fur as much so he has got away with it - until now.


FINALLY another finished knit:
"Link" from the Frost book - a nice textured cowl which is very warm at the neck, this was a quick project to knit and I love it - the pattern is dead easy but looks good.

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