Friday, 30 November 2012

Lovely Scrummy Yummy Yarn!


Fyberspates Laceweight in bright gold!
 I think I am a bit addicted to online purchasing!  Having had a rush of offers, deals and discounts I now find I have classes to download! and yarn and patterns coming at me from the postman at all angles!

The Knitting Goddess hand dyed laceweight cashmere

With a discount of 20% I couldn't resist purchasing this lovely pair of semi solid silver laceweight handyed cashmere from The Knitting Goddess - I am embarrassed to admit I couldn't get the discount to apply and had to ask for HELP!? lol!  Luckily the lovely Joy sorted it for me and after some dithering about whether one or two skeins would do, I ended up with two!  plenty of yardage there, then, for just about any pattern!?

I bought a fun book! too!  its a bit of nonsense really but fun and gave me a chance to test out downloading direct to my kindle ..

Also off the needles this week a lovely snowman jumper!  its a sirdar leaflet 2375

Quick to knit this is the smallest size and was quite fun to knit too but I'm glad its finished although now my dh and no.2.son have got interested in "christmas jumpers" and after seeing the lovely selection from Patons free to download I have had to say a firm NO! - the thought of rushing at this short notice through two adult sized intarsia "novelty" patterns is too stressful to even think about!
I'm not even including the link! I am forbidding myself from even THINKING of casting on ..

Finally! good news I think .. ?  the lovely ladies over at Knit'n'caboodle have FB a status to confirm they are going to be selling a "kit" for the Series Three chevron "Killing" jumper  .. (or at least thats how I read it! gulp! well I shall have one dropping through the letterbox soon as I've pre-ordered it so I hope I did read right!)

COLD! here it looks like winter is well and truly on its way, we've had terrific downpours this week but, thankfully, no flooding - dh had one or two mildly scary moments with local flooding on his route to work and I found myself wading knee deep across a busy main road but aside from that its now pretty much settled into dry but COLD ..  time to get the winter woollies out?  I'm still knitting Merrion and hoping to finish second front this weekend and concentrate on the sleeves and finishing!

My 5-in-1 glove adventure continues .. I've managed to rearrange both thumbs and three fingers now, and these are progressing nicely - this is a Craftsy class that I am enjoying hugely as I am a big fan of glove/mitt knitting this is perfecting my technique of knitting in the round and I plan several more ..

Weight watching wise, I am happy to report a loss of 8lbs as I head into week 4 and dh is similarly losing weight too so we are both happy and I am enjoying the online aspect and glad I chose this option rather than the traditional attend a group/class.  I am fully embracing my online life and find it really useful - even no.2.son is asking what we've got for "dinner" now!

In a couple of weeks time our elder son breaks up for the Christmas holiday and we can collect him from his uni digs and start feeding/fattening him up!  In his second year now he is thoroughly enjoying his studies and its lovely to see how he is blossoming into a lovely confident and funny young man - I think its doing him good to be independant!
Our second son is lining up Uni's for next/this year - I am not even thinking about how quiet the house will be when he goes ..

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