Friday, 16 November 2012

How lucky am I? a super box of gifts for me!

After the celebration of the completed Ravellenics earlier this year my new knit-pal - Peggy - and I decided to do a "magazine swap".  It took us a while to gather stuff as we had each decided to go for specific holiday or celebratory issues and in that time slowly added much yumminess to go with it!

I'm afraid very much that I am on to a winner here!  LOOK at all I got in my parcel which arrived in speedy time and conveniently my day off - absolutely PACKED with all things knitterly and beyond!

first though, I can show what I made (and sent) beginning with a London themed sewn project bag with yarn and a pattern and the lovely magazines The Knitter issue 50 with its "50 patterns" and Knit Now which had a lovely supplement.  Of course no parcel would be the same without a few bars of Cadbury chocolate! and a pack of Twinings tea to enjoy a cuppa while knitting!
Luckily my friend, Peggy, was thrilled but I still feel I am the luckiest ! x

SO .. TODAY I received in the post a huge parcel and look at what I received!

My parcel
contents revealed
Magazines! yay!
Bertie offers to help unwrap
Tree decorations
no harm came to tree decoration while Bertie "inspected"
chocolates! wow! hurry home no.2.son!
Malabrigo Rio and cowl pattern! yum!
And deliciously dark plum Cascade Heritage sock yarn!
last two boxes!
Hand wash soap! I love it! smells vanilla-ry!

and a scented candle already positioned
The full parcel revealed - ta-daa! how lucky am I?

My Christmas is complete! a lovely handmade card too x
The box doesn't go to waste either!  Bertie initially claimed it as his - the poor cats have had to wait for their biscuits to be topped up - far too busy opening up parcels and screeching at contents, I had the package off the Postman, signed for it and shut door with toe in undignified haste, the other toe kicked the cats aside (they always want to investigate parcels and love boxes!) hurrah! the swap has been FUN and I am looking forward to enjoying the magazines in full later on!

These days its too expensive to sign up for lots of these swaps, but this one came about after sharing a team place in the summer's Ravellenics and its been the most fun putting it together and of course hearing that the other person has taken safe receipt and is thrilled - I have screeched loudly my thanks and I'm pleased that we undertook it it rounds off the year just nicely!
NOW to choose which yarn to knit first!!

Christmas has come early for me! I hope everyone else is as lucky as I am now on the day ..

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