Monday, 19 November 2012

A few goodies from The Knitting Goddess

I simply couldn't resist placing an order with The Knitting Goddess last Friday - Joy had included a special discount for subscribers of 20% which is quite a lot and I promptly ordered some yarn and stuff and voila! as if by magic it arrived this morning!  what fun! what good service!

Joy's parcels are always beautifully packaged and a pleasure to open which is one reason for going back - the other reason is simply that her yarns have that special quality about them!  You can tell a KG yarn - a knit-pal of mine uses her yarns a lot and I decided to order a pink 4ply SparkLynne sock yarn for some future project.
Additionaly I added some little button thingies that can be clipped to hold a scarf or shawl OR clipped to a leather strap to make a bracelet - finally "never not knitting" sums me up in a badge. in a PINK badge at that ..

Feast your eyes on my goodies - MINE though ALL mine!

Packaged in purple

Lovely yarn and badge in pink
clippy things to make a bracelet

I might have said, or maybe not? dh and I have joined Weight Watchers!  part of the fun of tracking is in finding new recipes, or lower pointed replacement alternatives and I've been pleased that some of our favourite meals popular with the family are FINE to continue enjoying but one thing that is heavy is quiche! and followed by CAKE!
I worked out my regular "Hairy Bikers" recipe for rock cakes are a massive 8 each - FINE if I have just the one, but one or two over two or three days is not so fine!
Last week I discovered a blue berry muffin recipe which went down very well and at 4 points a bargain too!  This week I changed the blueberries for chopped baking chocolate and came up with choc chip muffins for 6 points! 
Even better - an alternative for the popular quiche!  its made with filo pastry and milk with extra egg and much less cheese than Delia's receipe which has double cream, a rich shortcrust pastry and LOTS of cheese - in fact the family expressed a preference for this "lighter" version so I am now keen to explore others!
This week I shall try a coriander and spinach soup recipe and some sort of chicken and sausge gumbo which sounds like it might be fun to make or eat!?

WW's quiche

WW's choc chip muffins

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