Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer shawl KAL

I've signed for two summer mystery shawl knits!
Started June 20th and finished July 19th a nice warmer upperer don't you think?
The clues came through and each has been uploaded and shared on my project page, and here is the finished project! a nice little shawl - or "capelet" as some are calling it!

I plan to add a button or so keep it closed, at the moment I am using a nice pin but its a bit fiddly!
Enjoyed knitting this, I used just shy of two hanks of the lovely yarn from here.

Second mystery KAL I joined - just before finishing the Wendy kal was this!
A knit pal I meet weekly with is also taking part and its been lovely sharing progress and comparing in real "life" and I'm rather behind in this pattern not quite finished knitting wedges for clue one and clue THREE is due about NOW!! gulp!!
I'm not rushing! I shall knit at my own pace, the forums on Ravelry for both these KAL's has been fabulous and I've had some lovely conversations with other knitters through them its worth looking to see if there are any YOU fancy! (and don't forget to tell ME either! if you likes it chances are I will too!!).

This is my progress so far! you can check out the yarn and pattern and get all the links you need for this and other KAL's on my project pages, this is the one for the WestKnits.

Now for some cat-cuteness.
you can't have cats in the house without them taking part in some way with knitting!
Here are some lovely pics taken recently of our cats!

Bertie INSIDE my project bag!
Lilly claiming the bag for HERSELF (poor Bertie!)

Lilly "helping" me block my shawl!
The shawl survived Lilly's "help" and blocked out ok!

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