Friday, 27 July 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

A couple of weeks ago my "little" brother celebrated his 40th birthday and here are some pics taken from that evening in the Indian restaurant with some of his close friends!

The cake was lovely! very cleverly someone local was commissioned to make a "bikers" cake which went down very well!  Everyone had a great time!

On Monday it will be no.2.son's 17th birthday - there will be cake but a bit more modest! a usual chocolate fudge topped and filled sponge!
He already has his gift - an ipod touch which he is pleased with and pleased US as our lads are very difficult to buy for as they rarely want anything (in particular) and you can't give "cash" to your own sons! lol!!
We plan another meal out on Monday with family to celebrate!

I finished the little knitting projects for my no.1.son's pal's 18th birthday - she'd requested some hand knit pink "pretty" socks if you remember, and we posted out a lovely box of items including a crocheted corsage/flower and some sweets and lollipops amongst it - the package arrived on time! yay! and at the same time she'd attended an interview for a job and had the good news that she had been SUCCESSFUL!  how marvellous is that? to be 18yrs, get your first job and have a surprise gift in the post and celebrate with your family on the night!
Happy birthday Sophie!

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