Sunday, 29 December 2013

Woollie bargains

I hit the sales at a mad pace and bought squillions of bargains!  I've got them all stashed on my ravelry page making use of the camera function on my new ipad.  When I get chance I'll take pics to share with you but the highlights include some alpaca cotton for a lovely Kim Hargreaves jumper, some felted tweed for a Martin Storey cardigan and some cocoon for another jumper and some KSH just because! and some fyberspates DK and laceweight also just because!  think thats it .. no! wait .. some purelife renew .. for a jacket! phew .. thats the lot I think.

I'm completely run out of space officially now in my craft room and its over spilling which tells me I need to make 2014 new year resolutions to resolve to KNIT MORE FROM STASH .. every one of my purchases has a pattern or plan in mind so I ought execute this throughout the year or else I shall be feeling very stressed!

So far I have resisted the temptation of HofF sales but no.2.son wants to visit town to buy clothes and cds so I might have to slip in and see what they are offering?  ho-hum so much for no space for more yarn?  If anyone else has the same problem as me they will understand how finely balanced the thrill of a bargain vs. stress of more projects is but we are like addicts aren't we?  and we can't resist - its almost painful - at least I am admitting it!

Happy New Year to everyone - I hope that 2014 is a craftily good one for us all in which we see our stashes diminish and our projects finish - hurrah! x

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