Sunday, 22 December 2013

Socks and Sherry

Socks and Sherry! what could be nicer on a Sunday morning ahead of a nice relaxing day of knitting?

Being as we are having a pre-Christmas family gathering tomorrow I started making the sherry trifle today and had a slice of swiss roll and a glass of sherry for BREAKFAST! how bad is that!!?

My lovely noro socks are coming along nicely, I love the colours and am glad now that I ripped back and restarted a bigger size, I have CO some 68 stitches this time as the sock was a little snug at 60 st and I didn't want to over stretch them.  The colours are lovely in real life, the photo gives a flavour of it but not as good in fact.

when no.1.son asked for another pair of socks (actually.  it might have been me that suggested he might like a pair.  I forget.  conveniently! he-hee!)  anyway he chose this lovely regia highland tweed dk weight and they are knitting up beautifully and so FAST too!  I did this in just two days, how brilliant is that?  anyway, I hope to have them done before he leaves for uni in the New year but not sure how much I will get done, he may have to wait until his birthday in March.   21.  he will be 21!  how did THAT happen?  I can't believe how the time flies, I can remember being 21 - I still FEEL 21! lol!

On a sad note, my brother, David, rang on Saturday with the very sad news that his Dad, John, had passed away peacefully and in his sleep early on on Saturday morning.  He was there and sat with him peacefully until the end, which I am glad about as the circumstances were such that the Hospice had arranged a meeting with a social worker with a view to transferring him to a nursing home - as "luck" would have it it was postponed as the SW was on holiday, I'm sure John had a much more peaceful time in the Hospice and staff that he was familar and comfortable with - not to mention the stress this situation placed David in.  Keep them both in your thoughts and sympathies please.

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