Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Socks - Noro sock yarn & hiyahiya circular needle

Last night I had the urge to CO for a sock using my new 2.5mm hiyahiya circular needle I bought ages ago, I've resisted temptation to CO yet another project in favour of other more pressing patterns but gave in when I "discovered" I had a lovely ball of Noro sock yarn!!  hurrah! its lovely and knitting up SO nicely on my new lovely needle.
I shall knit this when I travel down to fetch no.1.son from his Uni digs next week.

The reason for starting this is for the travel knitting but its good to have a sock on the go especially one that is simple to knit and this will just be a plain sock as the yarn and colours are quite pretty enough without overloading with a pattern.

Finished! my Gala Loop scarf!  I love it, its warm and chunky and keeps my whole front warm which is just what I need this cold weather - the ends are turned up and attached to the knitting to create a "loop" to tuck the end in.

Finally! the TREE!  .. and Bertie joining in by claiming one of the santa stockings as "his" - Lilly can just about squeeze in underneath the tree and even then it wobbles a bit but poor Bertie can't as he is too big!  he tried a couple of times with a worrying wobble that saw the tree tilt alarmingly, he backed out and hasn't tried since which is probably a good thing!
I remember one year coming down stairs to find the tree tilted at a funny angle and thought it must have been my bleary not quite awake eyes, I ignored it the rest of the day until the children (quite small at the time) told me that "daddy had fallen on the tree - picked it up - shook it - and replaced it" after a particularly boozy night with his tennis club pals!   And I hadn't noticed and probably wouldn't have had they not dropped him in it!  (he was in trouble that year!).  anyway, I shall know who to blame this time if this tree collapses in a sorry heap - Bertie!

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