Monday, 11 February 2013

Some sewing! and knitting

There has been some sewing this week!  A couple of knit-pals have birthdays due and I decided to make project bags for their portable knitting as gifts and bought myself some lovely owl fabric for one of my own.  To try the pattern out I sewed a lovely blue sheepy bag for myself - the pattern is currently half price at John Lewis store and the fabrics can be picked up half price too which makes it very affordable.  Inside a couple of hours you have a lovely drawstring bag!

We bought some new furniture this week too, a rug and coffee table and nest of tables, this has meant I was able to bring my large daylight lamp down and it has been brilliant for knitting in darker colours in this dull weather.  Mind with the snow we had overnight its all looking a bit BRIGHT outside .. but you get what I mean generally?

Two strange and rather large cats have been spotted crossing through our garden - a ginger and a black cat - no.2.son took a photo of one of them - needless to say our cats are not impressed!

new furniture

owl cushion
 I picked up a kit to knit a felted owl cushion in kid classic for half price and am loving the knitting, I think it will go nicely with our mostly brown and green/blue decor don't you think?

drawstring project bag

sheepy bag

filled with project knitting to demonstrate how it looks full

the pattern is half price, and the fabrics too!

wool cotton
 ok so I said I wasn't going to buy any more wool! but these two bags were less than half price! how could I not? ..

The fabrics I bought with project bags in mind include the lovely owl themed cotton which wasn't half price but I'm having a bit of a thing about owls at the moment and couldn't resist!

On Wednesday we go down to take our son at Uni to his dentist for another no doubt fruitless, attempt to get a dentist to actually DO something permanent to his tooth that has been troubling him for 14months now!  honestly no wonder Dentists have a bad name, its too tedious to tell the tale suffice to say its a long drawn saga and it might well end with an extraction!

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