Friday, 22 February 2013

Family Party

I don't want to put up photographs of dh's Nieces birthday party as there are lots of little children on each but we had a lovely 2nd birthday party to help them celebrate little Maisie being TWO and walking and nearly talking very well!  Unfortunately (and typically!) on the day she came down with a small person's bug but fortunately she rallied after two spoonfuls of calpol!  (its brilliant stuff! I remember it when mine were small! which seems a long time ago - next week we celebrate our no.1.son's 20th birthday - how did THAT happen??).

Anyway, the cake was yummy and scrummy and the food included party rings and BEER! .. lol! they held it in their restaurant which has a bar - so yes it was noisy with lots of two year olds racing about, but the Gin was good and strong!

there was a bouncy castle!

party food!


and BEER!
We had a smashing time and came away tired but it was worth it.

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