Wednesday, 24 October 2012

OTN's - Merrion a lovely stripey cardigan!

all the lovely wool!
all the colours in stripe sequence
Ravelled here.
My newest project OTN's is the lovely stripey cardigan - Merrion - from the Rowan Tweed book and knit in Rowan fine tweed yarn.  lovely lovely loving it!
I have knit the first full sequence of colours on the back and can't wait to dive back in to the pack of yarns for the next section!
I have been organised with this and written out the stripe sequence with a key and a small snippet of each yarn to remind myself of the colour order - at the moment I am being very good and wrapping the ball band around for ease of checking but I know this will go out the window in time and I don't want to mix my C's with my H's!!
I am using a lovely pair of english made green needles that were my late-Grandmas needles, they are very blunt at the end and slightly bent but fabulous to use and I love the clickety clack they make as I knit.

Elsewhere, Misty is nearing completion!  my craftsy 5-1 gloves are halfway and I have completed the back for Dallan and Ice Queen - newest project OTN's is knitting quickly due to ease of pattern.

I much prefer winter knitting and knitting IN the winter!
Next time I hope to share a lovely bit of sewn loveliness but as its for a swap with a knit-pal it must remain secret for now!

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