Monday, 29 October 2012

My Kindle!

Mine mine .. all MINE .. ages ago dh decided to see what all the fuss was about and bought himself a Kindle.  He loved it! read squillions on it both free and paid-for and then when they bought the new super-duper HD colour versions I persuaded him to treat himself for "christmas" and buy it.
HE LOVES IT.  And I have inherited his "old" kindle which I also LOVE even though I've only had one brief "lesson" on how to use it I have managed to send a PDF of a pattern I purchased to the Kindle and now I have another portable option to enjoy my knitting and pattern experience.

my newest gadget - a kindle

Lilly! caught warming on the radiator!

hopping off quick before "dad" catches her (on the furniture!)

before settling back - what the heck it IS winter!

LOVING the colour stripe sequence on Merrion in Rowan Fine Tweed

SK 100 edition has a lovely "free" Christmas gift book this month
on the hob today: roasted butternut squash soup for lunch, followed - rapidly! - by a fresh from oven home baked Rock Cake - yum I much prefer winter warmers to summer-salads x
Please share any winter warming lunch favourites, kindle + knit tips and tricks and of course winter KNITTING projects OTN's

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