Sunday, 21 October 2012

now what have I got on the go!

 First I knitted the cushion

 Then I artfully arranged it on the carpet for Bertie to inspect I mean to take a photo!

And here it is complete with cushion pad!
I knitted it for "wool week" and it was a lovely pattern to follow, dead easy to knit and a lot of fun!
I've raveled it here!.

I am thoroughly enjoying the Craftsy class on gloves and mitts!  Loving the pattern and knitting too, I'm doing the 5in1 adventure and making gloves using some left over BSB dk from knitting up my Union Jack scarf last year!
You can get the details off my Ravelry project page.

new OTN's is a lovely bit of Rowan KidSilkHaze and some clear beads!  I am joining in the KAL along with others on Ravelry here
I do enjoy joining in and find myself inspired and carried away with others' knitting!
Yesterday I finally caught up with my best knit-pal-Sally who is always guaranteed to get me chucking my notes and coins at till points in exchange for yarnie stuff and I am now planning a further two garments!  Can't wait to see her sequined cardi in Galaxy and already we are planning what we'll make with the new "Glamour" yarn from Rowan.
You can read all the necessary and important details on it here.

As well as knitting crazes and fads, I've also become slightly addicted to beads too!
The photograph is horribly out of focus - excitement, I think, at the yumminess of it all - I managed to make some stitch markers this week!
I feel I will get better the more I do, but these are just enough to see me through the few projects I have planned that require markers.

Lastly I have a lovely sewn item to show off but as its a secret for a secret-swap I can't post details or photo's here yet in case the person in question happens upon here BUT its really nice! and I might make more!

Finally, at last I managed to get a bottle of honey-infused JD from Tesco at under £20!
I don't think I can add to that?  yummy scrummy! x

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