Saturday, 20 May 2017

Stash and other yarns

this week I'm embarrassed to say I pulled out my extensive stash and flung it at my patient and long suffering friend and shrieked a bit at excitement while we planned how best to sort it all out.

First off we looked at my pile of WIPs which upsets me more than I show!  I had such hopes of knitting it all but instead of finishing it I cast on another and another. Even my friend was shocked especially as we'd already had a session of ripping out!   Like I say I'm embarrassed!

Next we sorted wool into bags e.g. Garments, sock, KSHaze etc. We soon ran out and my son's bed is piled high still!
Photographing it was a mammoth task!  Recording it too!  But it's nearly all done, some 247 lots or types of yarn! Phew!

But how does it make me FEEL?
I feel thrilled! I feel excited! I feel ashamed!  I feel upset!
How did I get so much?
Most of it came about through periods of hyper mood swings where I felt I had to have it, I got pleasure from bringing home bags of it, but some or I should say a lot of it was comfort buying - when my mood was low and/or I suffered with anxiety I would go out and shop for wool or even buy online.

I'm not alone in comfort buying and a friend is bravely cataloging some of hers to sell.
A friend has suggested I do this but I'm a/ not ready and b/ not able to contemplate this just yet.
After my Mother passed away I amassed a huge collection of material and patterns and it took me 12 yrs to bring myself to be brave and discard it. I did it with my husbands help and I think it's a job to do with a sympathetic and true friend as there is an emotional attachment to craft things.

Well in other news I've seen my GP and he's asked me to cut down on my meds and said I was NOT to buy any wool or patterns in the next month!

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Robebe said...

I don't have bi-polar but can definitely identify with your yarn addiction ☺ I have a very similar one myself, and a friend of mine reckons I need 620 years to work through my queue, let alone my stash, and she should know - she's a maths teacher!