Tuesday, 23 May 2017

De stress

well after the mammoth task of sorting and uploading my stash onto ravelry recently I decided it was time to tackle my wips and yarn and magazines in our lounge.
I love my knitting and there is something comforting about having nice things close by but at the same time it's stressful!
Eventually I couldn't stand it any longer and I tackled the problem head on one bag at a time. Now if I'm honest I didn't get rid of much! More sort of rearranged it - you know what I mean?
I wish I could get stuck in and finish things but I'm afraid I'm more likely to cast ON than cast OFF.

I never change!  As well as being surrounded by wool I'm starting to drink again. This is a bad idea and yesterday I was caught out a treat!  Sat in our local pub posing for Instagram WHO should tap me on the arm and say "hello" but not one but TWO of my Drs!  As I introduced them to dh they both looked pointedly at the bottle of wine I was drinking .. I felt awful because in fact it was my second! Ouch!  Blast it eh? And I've got an appointment next month too - do you suppose he'll remember??

This month at the Bipolar support group we will be covering anxiety - I'll blog more then but I'm looking forward to this subject as it's something I suffer with and have suffered badly since our son went out to NZ for a year - I'm afraid to say he got a brilliant experience and loved every minute while I developed a phobia of lifts, became afraid of lots of silly things and ended up on tablets for it!
He comes home next month and I can't wait!

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