Sunday, 21 May 2017

Happy half moon

The colours don't do it justice but I bought a shawl pattern, happy half moon, and found these perfect yarns!  As I have more than I need I thought I'd knit a pair of twinkle mitts which go perfectly with the shawl. We looked for beads first in orange and then gold and low and behold! What did I have but gold beads!
Now I have a slight problem in that I have a tendency to feel my brain is being read. It manifests itself in my feeling I "get" what I want. The beads being perfect example - they weren't even in my stash bag of beads but on my nest of tables where I sit! How spooky is that? Further! I don't recall buying them!
Oh! Before you worry! There is a med I take for it!  My P.doc is keeping me on these!
Now all I need to do is knit them all!?

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