Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dune from Echoes

I am enjoying knitting the lovely "Dune" from Kim Hargreaves' latest book - Echoes which as you can see is a lovely textured cardigan. It's knit in Rowan Denim which I bought some years back for a bargain £40 for 20 balls.
Say it quickly and it doesn't sound a lot does it?
Over the years I must have spent a small fortune on wool and fabric, haby and general notions but that's the thing with knitting you don't notice it under the mist of I MUST HAVE IT!

At a knit club one week were informed of a small stash of kidsilkhaze at bargain price was to be had - my knit pal, Sally, and I immediately grabbed a bag each while our friend sat and said "what about ME?"  But you said it wasn't your colour, we replied!  For that price it's my colour she came back with and so we shared!

Next time I'm going to photograph my recent purchases and demonstrate my new approach that of assigning a pattern to it!  Hurrah if it works, blast it if it doesn't I've bought it anyway!

Other projects OTNs include Owls and Black both of which are on my ravelry project pages and I will blog about them later too.

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