Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I am knitting two pairs of socks at the moment and these lovely blue pair of drops sock yarn are for my no.2.son who requested another pair. The pattern I'm using is from the lovely vogue book and is a standard rib - I need, however, to find a new pattern for the males in my family but I know that if I try and knit anything too fancy it will be rejected!
Definitely not rejected were the willowherb socks I knitted for my no.1.sons uni pal - this pattern was a delight to knit and according to my son went down well!  I like socks but my favourite knitting is garments.   My Dune is knitting nicely and I've reached the armhole shaping - I love this pattern and can't wait to wear it!  I have plans already for next garment but OTNs is Owls and Black which I must finish first!
Scarves and shawls are an attraction and at the moment I have a couple of each on the go. It's true to say my house is littered with knitting paraphernalia and I keep promising to sort it out but it never happens.   Lastly I have plans for one or two projects out of the last two editions of The Knitter magazine.   I shall need to live another 100ys to see me right!?

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